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Food safety alert update (January – May 2022) by Safefood 360°


Total food alerts from RISK 2022 jan to may global heatmap

According to our Safefood 360 ° RISK assessment tool report, there are over 1,723 food safety alerts recorded in worldwide.


Total food alerts from RISK 2022 jan to may


January: 339 cases

February: 297 cases

March: 488 cases

April: 382 cases

May: 217 cases


Total food alerts from RISK 2022 jan to may country

The top 5 alerts come from (in descending order): Turkey (273), India (150), France (95) and Poland (89).

Total food alerts from RISK 2022 jan to may product

The top 5 alerts are categorised (in descending order): Fruits and vegetables (397), nuts & nuts related product (179), dietetic foods & food supplement (144), herbs & spices (133), and food contact materials (106).

Total food alerts from RISK 2022 jan to may hazard category

The top 5 alerts relate to (in descending order): Pesticide residues (485), not categorised (420), pathogenic micro-organisms (290), mycotoxins (242), and heavy metals (63).

(To understand the hazards, download our technical datasheet)

Total food alerts from RISK 2022 jan to may action

The top 5 actions taken are (in descending order): Official detention (317), withdrawal from the market (208), destruction (197), informing recipients (161), and re-dispatch (130).


On average, there are at least 5-10 food safety hazard alerts in the world everyday that can directly affect your food business and supply chain.

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What is the ‘New Normal’ for Food Safety?

In 2001, I remember thinking that life in the United States would never again be the same as it was prior to September of that year.

Sure enough with the turn of time, the term ‘food defense’ quickly entered the public vernacular as new standards began to materialize governing food security and vulnerability was common as a popular sentiment that supposed that food supply chains could be the next target.

Now almost 20 years later, it’s safe to say the world might never be the same again with the Coronavirus impacting every nation globally and posing a ‘9/11 a day’ to those of us in the US.

Thomas Fuller was one of the first in the English language to make a living from his writings, and to anyone that knows an aspiring writer, rather aptly once remarked that “all things are difficult before they are easy”.

All things are difficult before they are easy

Despite being coined nearly a half-millennium ago, I believe this sentiment is still as true as the day the ink used to pen it was wet.

It seems to me the food industry sits on the precipice of unbridled changes which arguably have already begun in earnest as an immediate response to the challenges proposed in 2020 and are likely to reverberate for