Streamline Your Internal Audits effortlessly

Designed by Food Safety Experts for GFSI certified food businesses

Audit Management 360 is crafted by Food Safety experts specifically for food safety processes. It’s the premier solution for compliance across all GFSI standards. Our Professional Services team ensures the solution aligns perfectly with your operation, saving you both time and money.

Customizable Compliance Checklists

Design audit checklists that align with your organization’s specific requirements.

Our intuitive checklist tool lets you craft, modify, and refresh audit blueprints effortlessly.

Stay updated with evolving regulations, industry norms, or distinct compliance mandates with minimal effort.

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Instant Team Collaboration

Engage effortlessly with your audit team and involved parties. Audit Management 360 ensures synchronized access to audit details, guaranteeing unified understanding among all. Exchange views, share observations, and delegate responsibilities within the system, streamlining communication.

Flexible Network Operations

Actions taken offline are stored on your device and synced to the cloud once connectivity is restored. This ensures no data loss, with every action accurately logged.


Audit Automation

Elevate your organization’s audit procedures with our platform’s automation capabilities. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork, spreadsheets, and manual inputs. Our user-centric design lets you set up audit lists, plan audits, and monitor developments with ease. Dedicate more time to evaluation and enhancement, and less to paperwork.

Robust Data Protection

We recognize the importance of your audit information’s confidentiality. Audit Management 360 integrates cutting-edge security protocols to safeguard your data, encompassing encryption, user access management, and consistent security evaluations. Be confident that your data adheres to industry benchmarks and is shielded.

In-depth Audit Analysis

Produce detailed reports effortlessly. Audit Management 360 presents adaptable report-generation tools, enabling you to derive meaningful insights from your audit records. Visualize patterns, pinpoint enhancement zones, and present compliance initiatives to involved parties with simplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Audit Management 360?
Audit Management 360 is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and simplify the audit process in the food safety industry. It offers features that align with the latest food safety standards, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
Why do I need an audit tool for my business?
Regular audits are essential in the food industry to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. Audit Management 360 makes this process more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.
How does Audit Management 360 stand out from other audit tools?
Our solution is tailored to the specific needs of the food safety industry and can be pre-configured with the GFSI standard you operate to. It has been designed in collaboration with food safety experts and BRCGS technical teams. Our Professional Services team can work with you to upload your processes and documentation to save implementation time and ensure it returns your full ROI.
I'm new to the food safety industry. Will Audit Management 360 provide training?
Audit Management 360 recognizes the challenges faced by newcomers. We offer robust training sessions that guide users through the audit process and teach them the best practices in the industry.
How does Audit Management 360 benefit Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)?
Audit Management 360 offers competitive pricing, making it an attractive choice for SMEs. As your business grows, our digital solutions provide the flexibility to scale up features, ensuring it remains a valuable tool throughout your business's digital evolution.
Can I conduct audits on the go?
Yes! Audit Management 360 comes with an offline mobile app, allowing you to conduct audit processes anytime, anywhere, even without internet connectivity.
How does Audit Management 360 benefit BRCGS sites?
  • Internal auditing is a key factor in ensuring continued compliance with BRCGS standards.
  • It must be regarded by the senior management of a company as being critical to the operation.
  • A comprehensive internal audit system is fundamental to your company's safety and quality system as it provides confirmation that systems and procedures are operating effectively and identifies areas that require improvement.
  • One of the most common non-conformances raised in BRCGS audits continues to be the management of internal audits.
  • Our internal audit solution has been developed by Safefood 360, LGC Assure’s software sister company, in close collaboration with food safety experts in BRCGS.
  • It provides real-time visibility of all of your audit details including type, scope, results, and follow-up actions on any device.

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