Food safety alert update (January – May 2022) by Safefood 360° RISK assessment tool


According to our Safefood 360 ° RISK assessment tool report, there are over 1,723 food safety alerts recorded in worldwide.



January: 339 cases

February: 297 cases

March: 488 cases

April: 382 cases

May: 217 cases


The top 5 alerts come from (in descending order): Turkey (273), India (150), France (95) and Poland (89).

The top 5 alerts are categorised (in descending order): Fruits and vegetables (397), nuts & nuts related product (179), dietetic foods & food supplement (144), herbs & spices (133), and food contact materials (106).

The top 5 alerts relate to (in descending order): Pesticide residues (485), not categorised (420), pathogenic micro-organisms (290), mycotoxins (242), and heavy metals (63).

(To understand the hazards, download our technical datasheet)

The top 5 actions taken are (in descending order): Official detention (317), withdrawal from the market (208), destruction (197), informing recipients (161), and re-dispatch (130).


On average, there are at least 5-10 food safety hazard alerts in the world everyday that can directly affect your food business and supply chain.

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