Oversight has never been this simple

StatusBI is an enterprise tool designed to assist compliance managers in gaining 24/7 real-time oversight of their actual compliance and risk-levels across their entire business group.

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Make managing Business Group, Business Unit and local site compliance a reality

Our expertise has gone in to perfecting the Risk and Compliance metrics in the analytical StatusBI dashboards. You will know within seconds where the biggest risk and compliance gaps are in your organization.

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Designed for both global and local food businesses

Whether you’re in charge of a global enterprise or a single site, StatusBI lets you look at risk, compliance and trends on the level that is relevant to you and drill down where necessary.

Visit local plants from the comfort of your seat

Where the performance of a local manufacturing plant is creating concern, e.g., overdue corrective actions, late or failed audits, non-conformances, recalls, etc., drill down in seconds to that local site, module or record to get the full picture and take action.

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You too can finally have the control and oversight that every Compliance Manager wants

The Key Benefits of StatusBI

  • Save time

    Less time is spent generating, compiling, distributing reports; making phone calls; sending emails; traveling; managing issues and crisis, etc.

  • Save money

    Reduce your budget by spending less time travelling, booking accommodation, product failures, crisis management and time wasting.

  • Gain oversight

    Actually know what is happening, where it is happening and when it is happening, without having to ask or investigate or audit.

  • Gain insight

    Actually be able to drill down in seconds, with no document review or audit.

  • Take action quickly

    Quick data means quick decisions – avoid issues, minimize issues.

  • Benchmarking

    Because all sites and units use the same systems and workflows, they can compare sites with each other. It is now easier than ever to see performance issues in each site and transfer best practice.

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