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Risk Assessing Your Supply Chain European Food Sure Cover

Risk Assessing Your Food Supply Chain

Globally, 1 in 10 people are affected and >420,000 die from foodborne illness every year (WHO, 2015). There has been an increasing dependence on a global supply chain to source raw materials and partially processed product under varying country food safety standards and capability.

With food recalls increasing and food fraud causing businesses worldwide a significant sum in resources, risk assessing the supply chain has become an increased area of concern for many businesses.

This presentation, delivered in May 2019 to the European Food Sure in Amsterdam, looks at the key areas of concerns and strategies a business may take to remedy this.

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Determining control measures in HACCP

This presentation supports some of the content found in our whitepaper on the same topic. The presentation was originally held at the Food Safety Live 2014 and it covers the following topics: What is HACCP and what are control measures in HACCP? What are the common areas of confusion and misunderstanding? How can we simplify the determination of control measures?

presentation food safety auditing

Food Safety Auditing – Principles and Practice

This presentation gives you a good overview about the basic principles and practice of food safety auditing. The presentation covers the seven principles of auditing, the profile of a good auditor and establishes the best practice for creating audit programs.

Specific Aspects of Food Safety Auditing

Specific Aspects of Food Safety Auditing

Following the first presentation on food safety auditing this slideshow goes deeper into the specifics of auditing practice. The presentation covers in detail the practice of auditing HACCP systems, quality management systems, and the various prerequisite programs.

food safety risk analysis part 1

Food Safety Risk Assessment – Part 1

This is the first part in a series of slide shows on food safety risk assessment. Risk assessment is one of the three elements in the Risk Analysis Framework, and this presentation gives an introduction to the topic.

Topics covered: Introduction to food safety risk analysis, definitions for hazard and risk, the risk analysis framework, history and evolution of food safety risk analysis, the four steps of risk assessment, the six principles of risk assessment, hazard identification, hazard characterization, exposure assessment, and risk characterization.

food safety risk analysis part 2

Food Safety Risk Assessment – Part 2

Part 2 on food safety risk assessment. This presentation focuses more on the international side of risk assessments and explains how international standards are agreed globally. It includes a detailed review about the European Union approach to food safety risk management.

Topics covered: International risk assessments, use of risk analysis, ALOP Approriate Level of Protection, food safety objectives, process of setting international food safety standards, the EU approach to risk analysis, list of data sources on risk management, and more.