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“SF360 is an excellent program that helps us ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Everybody knows what they are supposed to be doing and are always reminded that they have work that needs to be done.”

Food Safety Manager / Toufayan Bakeries

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“Safefood 360° takes our hand and leads us step-by-step with a great focus on our implementation as we standardize across our business unit.”

Food Safety Director / La Moderna

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“Safefood 360° offers us many good solutions which make our day to day work in the Quality department better.”

Quality Co-ordinator /Hofseth International

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“What you’re going to get with Safefood and the changes you’ll see in your business will catapult you into the future”

Food Safety & Compliance Manager / Bell Flavors & Fragrances

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“I actually audited a vendor of ours last week and they should be contacting you all this week for more info. They were very impressed with the user friendliness and the functionality of Safefood 360˚. Everyone here loves it too and your customer service is outstanding!”

SQF Practitioner / Mother Murphy’s Laboratories, Inc.

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“We have a cost saving of in excess of $100,000 to date and are only just beginning.”

Technical Improvement Coordinator / True Foods

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“I received almost immediate assistance with an issue I had while attempting to save additional information in a report. The quick response allowed me to move forward without delay and also to have a better understanding of the system in general.”

Sr. Quality Assistant / DSM Food Specialties

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“Safefood 360° has been to Baldor a tremendous help in the organization and administration of our SQF and HACCP programs. The support from Safefood 360° has been very responsive to our questions and needs. Overall, it is a well thought out system that makes the job of providing safe quality food much easier to manage and maintain. Thank you Safefood 360° – keep up the good work!”

Director of QA/QC/HACCP / Baldor Speciality Foods, Inc.

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“The FDA approved electronic signature has saved us time and money with every single audit. Safefood 360˚ has allowed us to set ourselves apart by showing true verification and not forged documents as I have seen in other companies.”

QA Specialist / Santa Monica Seafoods

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Industry leading food businesses use Safefood 360° as their compliance partner

Carlsberg Group Safefood360 customer

Rangeland safefood360 customer

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santa monica seafood safefood360 customer

Wegmans safefood360 customer

Youngs safefood360 customer

Harrogate safefood360 customer

kikkoman safefood360 customer

carrolls safefood360 customer

Constellation brands safefood360 customer

Dole safefood360 customer

DSM safefood360 customer

FrieslandCampina safefood360 customer

Guittard safefood360 customer


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