Safefood 360° RISK Assessment Tool Report:

October 2022

366 food safety alerts have been recorded worldwide.

Decrease in alerts by 12.8% from October 2021.

Number of food safety alerts in the previous 6 months.

May 2022: 382 cases

June 2022: 351 cases

July 2022: 258 cases

Aug 2022: 300 cases

Sep 2022: 262 cases

Oct 2022: 366 cases

What is the Safefood 360° RISK Assessment Tool?

Safefood 360° RISK is a standalone solution that provides entry-level, line-of-sight risk analysis using big data sources to gain an exact measure of risk in the supply chain, scan for potential risk trends, and provide valuable input into the development of local HACCP and PCP plans. It is specifically designed for food safety managers and auditors, bringing world-class risk assessment capabilities directly into the food business – enabling
food safety practitioners to source and use risk data in a comprehensive format.

For more information, please watch our on-demand webinar about RISK.

Why do we need the Safefood 360° RISK Assessment Tool?

Safefood 360° RISK uses internal and external data sets that helps food safety managers to quickly underpin their assessments and decisions with scientific data, developing robust food safety and supply chain programs.

RISK pulls hourly updates from EU RASFF and the World Bank for the most up-to-date data you can then visualise in geographical and global heat maps, in addition to the ability to drill down into the source data. By just utilizing their reports, the information needs to be taken one by one, which can be time-consuming for an individual business operator – subscribing to RISK saves your Food Safety Managers time in daily operations.

RISK also includes data from FDA food alerts in its beta version mode. Request a demo for more details from our technical consultants.

How do we use this data?

Safefood 360° RISK enables food businesses to make better food safety, fraud, governance and sustainability decisions. It contains a wide range of tools and features, including:

– Identifying emerging food safety trends globally based on your products, hazards and material sources.
– Assessing risk associated with your suppliers and products using reliable data sets and analytical methods.
– Rapidly profiling your products, materials, ingredients and suppliers against food safety and governance indicator data.
– Providing tailored business intelligence, analytics, KPI dashboards and automatic reporting to your team for Enterprise users.

October 2022 Top 5 Food Safety Alerts by Country

The top 5 alerts come from (in descending order): Poland (36), Turkey (27), India (21), France (19), and the Netherlands (18) .

October 2022 Top 5 Food Safety Alerts by Product Category

The top 5 alerts are categorised (in descending order):  Fruits and vegetables (51), Nuts & nuts-related products (43), Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products (40), Dietetic Foods & Food Supplements (37), and Herbs and Spices (28).

October 2022 Top 5 Food Safety Alerts by Hazard Category

The top 5 alerts relate to (in descending order): Not categorised (107), No definition-Salmonella (23), Salmonella spp (18), Unauthorised Substance-Chlorpyrifos (17) and Aflatoxin total (15).

(To understand more about the individual hazards, browse our technical datasheets)

October 2022 Top 5 Food Safety Alerts by Actions Taken

The top 5 actions taken are (in descending order): Withdrawal From The Market (60), Official Detention (44), Product (to be) Redispatched (40), Informing recipient(s) (33), and Recall from the consumer (31).

Recent Food Recalls 2022 (October)/Food Product Recalls 2022 (October)

What food is being recalled right now?

Date Location Details Product
04/10/2022 UK Undeclared allergens Tuna Rice Salad
04/10/2022 UK Shortened shelf life Cooking sauces
04/10/2022 US Listeria monocytogenes Brie wedges and variable weights
05/10/2022 US Listeria monocytogenes Brie and Camembert Cheeses
07/10/2022 US Undeclared Soy Allergen Glazed Pies
07/10/2022 US Undeclared Milk Allergen Tomato Basil Soup
07/10/2022 US Listeria monocytogenes Fruit and Cheese plate 6.2 oz
07/10/2022 US Potential contamination with shiga toxin-producing E. Coli Earth Grown Vegan Traditional Falafel and Garlic & Herb Falafel
09/10/2022 UK May contain metal Smoothie Meal Replacement Shake
09/10/2022 UK May contain metal Strawberry Flavoured Whey Protein and Active Chocolate Fudge Flavoured
11/10/2022 UK Undeclared allergens Sushi Box
12/10/2022 US Undeclared cashews Pasta Salad
12/10/2022 US Undeclared cashews Sesame sticks mix and roasted and salted sunflower meat tub products
13/10/2022 US Vial Breakage Sodium Bicarbonate Injection, USP, 8.4%, 50 mEq/50 mL vial
14/10/2022 UK Wrong label Squash
14/10/2022 US Potential for spoilage Ready-to-feed liquid products for infants and children
17/10/2022 US Undeclared Peanuts Salted Caramel Cookies
17/10/2022 US Foreign Object STUFFED Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Fudge Filling
18/10/2022 UK Plastic Vegetable Lasagne for 1 and Vegetable Lasagne for 2
19/10/2022 US Undeclared Tree Nuts (Cashews) Chicken Salad Quad & Chicken Salad Sandwich Club Tray
20/10/2022 UK Possible presence of uncooked chicken Ready cooked diced chicken breast
20/10/2022 US Undeclared Egg Protein Vegan Drumsticks
21/10/2022 US Product Safety/Unapproved Ingredient Dry Shampoo Aerosol
22/10/2022 US Undeclared Egg Protein Vegan Drumsticks and Vegan Golden Nuggets
24/10/2022 US Undeclared soy Various sauces
24/10/2022 US Potential for radio frequency (RF) interference with other medical devices. Incontinence management system
24/10/2022 US Use of product may lead to burns, mild shocks, or rashes and irritation Heating pads
25/10/2022 US Due to presence of Nitrosamine Drug Substance Related Impurity (NDSRI), N-Nitroso-Quinapril Quinapril and Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets USP, 20mg / 12.5mg, 90’s HDPE bottle
25/10/2022 US Undeclared walnuts Assorted Italian Cookies
25/10/2022 US Due to glass particulates Octreotide Acetate Injection, 500 mcg/mL
27/10/2022 US Undeclared eggs Harvest Pumpkin gelato and Paw Paw gelato
27/10/2022 US Undeclared wheat Dipping caramel
28/10/2022 US Undeclared almonds and hazelnuts Tiramisu Twist Cookies

Safefood 360° RISK is an ideal solution for food safety practitioners across the entire food supply chain. To get the latest food news, recalls and alerts from Safefood 360°, click here to talk with our technical specialists about how we can help.