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About Bluegrass Ingredients

Bluegrass Ingredients is a leading manufacturer of flavourings and ingredients that empower brands to concept, test and produce the custom flavours and formulates they need to stay ahead.

When the company was facing an increasing demand from customers, standards, legislation and their own internal desire to grow the business, they realized the challenges before them were a greater task than they were equipped for, and quickly saw they needed a smart system to help them manage their requirements.

Bluegrass Company Information

Industry: Flavours, Flavourings, Powders, Blending, Spray Drying, New Product Development

History: Growing since 1995

Manufacturing Locations: Kentucky, United States of America

Use Case: Data fully integrated into an a reliable and easy-to-manage agile cloud-based food safety system that supports ambitious business growth

How the Journey Began

In 2014, Bluegrass Ingredients compliance systems were traditional, paper-based and limited to binders. They were struggling and a simple review could cause significant delays – often sitting on desks for days before anything could be actioned – causing ripple effects elsewhere in the business.

When they did manage to capture processes, the data remained on clipboards and in spreadsheets, not allowing them to address inefficiencies, meaning audits and mock recalls remained a regular challenge.

As operations continued to expand, they realized that they needed a software partner that could ensure their daily compliance obligations did not affect their ability to use the data they capture daily and help to drive the business forward.

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How it Continues

Although they looked at multiple systems, Bluegrass Ingredients immediately knew that Safefood 360° was exactly what they needed.

When they discovered that the Food Safety Management Solution had 35 modules, they knew they had everything they needed to give them total control and oversight of their systems in real-time.

After a speedy implementation set up was completed by Safefood’s expert team of Professional Services, Director of Quality Mike Wernigk remarked that “I have complete access and oversight of our complaints and all background information in one place, and our root causes and corrective actions can be easily displayed in easy-to-use reports.”

Deployed across manufacturing sites separated by almost 100 miles in the heart of Kentucky, Safefood 360°’s platform complements Bluegrass Ingredients’ approach to agile ingredient innovation and allows them to remain flexible to their customer demands while knowing their compliance systems are secure.

“I now have real time visibility of what is happening in our sites and am always instantly alerted when something needs to be done” says Wernigk.

“Safefood 360° gives us the confidence and flexibility to improve, and our most recent audit was delivered in 30% less time than expected.”

Mike Wernigk

Director of Quality

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Bluegrass Case Study 2

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