Deploy locally and manage your entire global food safety compliance system

A complete end-to-end compliance management platform

Specifically designed for global and enterprise food businesses seeking to integrate all food safety and management compliance systems to meet the requirements of certification, customer and regulatory standards.


1 Manage business group unit and site

Manage Business Group, Unit & Site

Manage your entire business group, unit and individual site compliance on one complete and easy to maintain software platform.

2 Oversight of your organization compliance within seconds

Oversight of Organizational Compliance

View, in seconds, the status of compliance and risk across your organization from the Business Unit down to local sites with fast drill-down to individual site performance when required. No more emails, phone calls, or site visits are required.

3 Data Dashboards and Analytics

Data, Dashboards, and Analytics

Safefood 360° is fully integrated with Tableau the market leading BI tool from Salesforce that allows individual and group users to generate dashboards, reports and analytics in seconds with no IT assistance.

4 End to End Compliance platform

End-to-end Compliance Platform

Safefood 360° covers your end-to-end compliance needs including food safety management, supplier quality management, data management, risk assessment, IOT and connectivity.

5 Managed and secure cloud services

Managed & Secure Cloud Solutions

Safefood 360° is attested against SOC 2 and best practice security measures to ensure your data integrity is secure at all times. Read more about our technology and security here.

6 Managed set up to guarantee project success

Managed set up for Project Success

Our Professional and Technical support teams do the heavy lifting of your project working alongside your internal team to ensure timely and successful deployments across your business. This allows your team to maintain focus on their day jobs while guaranteeing project success.

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Create custom reports on any data captured

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