Alerts now support Push Notifications

In the short time following the hugely successful Alerts module launch last month there have been hundreds of alerts set up which are now whizzing the airwaves alerting quality managers of important events in their food safety system. This month the Alerts module has been improved even further.

We are pleased to announce support for a new contact method called ‘Push Notifications’. For this to work you either need an iPhone/iPad or any Android smartphone device. The service is completely free and secure and is quite simple to set up:

  1. On the Alert settings page select ‘Push’ as a contact method
  2. You will receive an email with a download link to install a free App onto your smartphone (which only has to be done once)
  3. Alerts will now pop-up on your device instantly and automagically when they occur.

What’s the advantage of push over SMS, or even email? With Push you have a little more control over how Alerts are shown to you and you can easily turn them off from your mobile device. Additionally, they are a little less intrusive than SMS where you may also be receiving personal communications. Finally, you can see all of your Alerts in the one place in a continuous feed. Push is currently in Beta so for the moment you should contact support to have this feature enabled on your account.

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