Announcing ‘Report Manager’

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new ‘Report Manager’ module. Report Manager allows you to select from any of the 300+ reports throughout the system and have them delivered to your inbox at a frequency you specify. This cuts down on the time you would otherwise spend preparing and collating trending and performance reports prior to your weekly quality management meetings.

You can have your PRP plans for Calibration, Cleaning, Maintenance, Pest Control, Glass Control etc sent to the responsible individuals each Monday morning. Likewise Customer Complaint and Corrective Action reports can be sent to management automatically and when they want it. Document Registers showing non-approved documents can be sent to your document control group, and you can even have Report Manager send an export of data from each of your modules.

You can define your own Report delivery schedule using the same flexible scheduler found in Programs allowing you to set daily, week-daily, weekly, monthly and annual frequencies. Reports can be sent to any of your contacts either in PDF, Word or Excel formats. The latter of which allows the recipients to carry out more advanced analysis on the data when received.

Report Manager is our latest major feature in Safefood 360 and is sure to be a big time saver. We have some great features to come for this module so stay tuned and as always we welcome your feedback.

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