Introducing Support Credits

As a customer of Safefood 360º you can be assured that when you need support you will be greeted by an agent who is an expert on the product, has a deep working knowledge of food safety and is pleasant, helpful and infinitely patient. We strive to respond to your query or resolve your issue as soon as humanely possible and very often our response times are less than one hour. In order to maintain this premium level of customer support we are introducing an additional service offering called ‘Support Credits’.

Support Credits can be purchased in packs of 10 from your account manager and each credit equates to one hour of time. Credits can be used for a variety of more complex and labor intensive tasks such as:

  • The development of additional reports which may not
    already exist in your site.
  • The upload of data into any module including product lists, checklists,
    programs, training records, documents, historical customer complaints etc.
  • The manipulation of existing information to include modifying, moving,
    archiving or deleting large amounts of data.
  • Minor planned product enhancements which may be
    accelerated by the development team.
  • And any other task above and beyond the customer support
    already provided as part of the Safefood 360° service.

Prior to any work being completed you will be quoted the number of credits the task will require for your approval. The existing high level of support that we provide does not change however you can now have additional tasks carried out by support which previously would not have been possible. Support Credits are flexible, economical, and above all will save you time and effort while increasing the quality of your food safety management system.

As an enterprise Software + Services Company we know the importance of providing great customer service, and we like to think we do it pretty well. Customer satisfaction is not just important to us but it is engrained in our belief system and as a team we thrive on it. We enjoy providing a product which makes our users’ working lives easier and supporting that product with world class customer support. We’re confident that with the introduction of ‘Support Credits’ we will be able to improve our quality of service even further!