A fitting Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) packing a powerful punch

Safefood 360° is a powerful enterprise software platform containing a suite of food safety management solutions designed to meet stringent regulatory and commercial compliance requirements. One such key requirement is to have a Maintenance Management System (MMS) in place which ensures equipment maintenance is performed in an organized and safe manner. The Maintenance Management capabilities in Safefood 360° provide a feature rich solution on par with leading dedicated Computerized Maintenance Management Systems in the market today. Features include:

  • Equipment Register: Catalogue all of your equipment in one place recording serial numbers, locations and groups and certify equipment safe for food contact. Attach pictures and service manuals to the equipment page keeping all pertinent information where it belongs.
  • Equipment History: Tag all your equipment with QR codes and with a scan of your mobile device be taken straight to the equipment page with instant access to equipment information and maintenance, breakdown and request history.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Schedule unlimited preventive maintenance tasks for your equipment and set the frequency to repeat as often as required. Responsible persons are notified automatically when tasks fall due, ensuring tasks are never forgotten.
  • Breakdowns / Work Orders: Out of schedule maintenance work orders can be raised quickly and simply using intuitive workflows. Set responsible persons and target dates for completion.
  • Downtime: Easily record and track equipment downtime and mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Schematics: Draw simple or complex equipment location maps and machine schematics using in-built browser drawing tool, similar to Visio. Schematics are accessible on any browser based device including mobiles and tablets.
  • Risk Assessment: Each maintenance program is risk assessed to determine risk to product. Pre-service Risk Assessment Checklists and Post-repair Verification Release Checklists ensure maintenance is conducted in line with GFSI requirements and best practice.
  • Corrective Actions: Where Corrective Action is required the CAPA workflow can be initiated allowing detailed investigation, action assignment, review and reporting.
  • Document Control: Standard Operating Procedures for equipment repair can be uploaded to the Documents module and connected to each maintenance program. With simple to use document versioning and approval, technicians will always have access to the latest approved procedure. Office documents can be opened with one click without the need to have Microsoft Office installed on the computer.
  • Vendor Database: Maintain a database of your equipment & parts vendors, engineers and maintenance providers with detailed contact information.
  • Spare Parts Inventory: Manage and track spare parts inventory and trigger email notifications when inventory reaches defined reorder levels.
  • Alerting: Be notified of virtually any conceivable event using the configurable alerting engine allowing you to receive important alerts by Email, SMS and Push notifications to your smartphone.
  • Reporting: Analyze and trend historical maintenance tasks, breakdowns, downtime & repairs by equipment, location, program and technician. Schedule reports to arrive to your teams Inbox, just in time for your management meeting.
  • Plus: All the inherent benefits of the Safefood 360° platform including; rich dashboards, user access control, hosted SaaS solution with zero IT required, multisite capable, multilingual, tablet and mobile friendly software, access from anywhere and on any device, automatic backups, FDA 21 CFR compliance for electronic records & digital signatures, detailed audit logging, online user guide and world class customer support.

For food business wanting to establish a robust CMMS which is compliant with complex food safety regulations and requirements it has never been easier with Safefood 360°. Aside from the compliance benefits, a CMMS will help increase labor productivity, reduce equipment downtime which lead to financial losses and improve overall maintenance efficiency. If you’d like to learn more you can schedule a demonstration with one of our solution specialists.

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