Several new Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) checklists added

Following the introduction of the Primus GFS audit checklists last week we are delighted to announce the addition of several GAP schemes including;

  • Global GAP – incorporating the complete Integrated Farm Assurance Standard, the Produce Safety Standard and the Quality Management System
  • Produce GAP – Harmonized Food Safety Standard with both concise and comprehensive checklist options
  • Canada GAP – for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and Greenhouse Product

In addition to the above widely adopted Good Agricultural Practice standards we have added the following two industry specific schemes, both of which are recognised by the GFSI.

  • Global Aquaculture Alliance Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) for the Processing of Seafood
  • Global Red Meat Standard (GRMS) for the Transport, Slaughtering and Processing of Red Meat

The comprehensive suite of audit checklists provided by Safefood 360° are designed to allow you to establish and maintain your Internal Audit Program against your chosen scheme quickly and without any fuss. We closely monitor all standards and when the requirements are updated by the scheme owners we update the checklists accordingly. This ensures that you are always auditing against the latest requirements keeping your Internal Audit Program constantly up to date without any additional effort.

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