Several new languages now supported in Safefood 360°

The world’s food production industry continues to globalize as consolidation by major multinational food businesses relents. Manufacturing and distribution at almost any scale is an international undertaking with fewer physical borders than ever before. This has brought with it a seismic shift in how multinational food businesses must ensure the safety and legality of the food they produce. FSMA, although the most radical reform in recent years, is only the beginning with many developed and developing nations expected to follow suit in the coming years.

At Safefood 360° we are dedicated to reducing the tremendous compliance burden on the industry and today we are excited to announce the support of 5 major new languages in the software. This brings coverage to one third of the world’s native speaking population, including all of North & South America. Over the past several months our team of expert food safety translators have worked diligently in translating the software from top to bottom. With a minimum of 10 years’ experience and food safety qualifications at the MSc. level our translation team has worked for government agencies and international certification bodies as consultants, trainers and auditors. We now proudly support the following languages;

  • English (US & British)
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French (Canadian & French)
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese (Mandarin)

Safefood 360° provides a world class food safety management solution which allows multinational food businesses to standardize their food safety systems across all plants within the group. From operations in major industrial regions of the United States to remote island facilities in the Antarctic, Safefood 360° is the platform of choice for companies that take food safety seriously. We are the only truly global Software-as-a-Service offering which covers an entire food safety program and offers a proven and exceptional ROI.

For enterprise customers these new languages are fully supported by our multilingual product support and professional services team. With the internationalization of our platform Safefood 360° is now the single most compelling solution for food safety for any food business globally. New languages will be added in the coming months as demand dictates and we look forward to hearing feedback from our current international customers as they transition to their language of choice.

To learn more about Safefood 360° and attend a product demonstration please click here.

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  1. Kin Chan
    Kin Chan says:

    For the new languages supported by 360; Will I be able to use the same account to view in different languages (English and Chinese) at the same time?

    • Lassi Eronen
      Lassi Eronen says:

      Hi! Absolutely – you can switch the language any time you want by clicking your name in the upper right corner, or by going to “Portal” and then selecting “My Profile”. If your company has multiple users they can all all select the language of their preference. Thanks for a great question!


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