Watch: Safefood 360° Risk Product Launch

Earlier this month more than 600 food safety professionals from the world’s leading brands joined us for the first exclusive look at our latest solution, Safefood 360° Risk.

This new low-cost solution enables food safety practitioners to not only look at their food supply chain holistically, but also drill down into the products, materials, and entities within it to uncover and reveal what potential risks may exist within their supply network.

Safefood 360° Risk offers a quick and easy solution to these challenges while allowing food businesses to reduce the overhead and obstacles they may have in risk monitoring, planning, and decision making.

Available completely separate or as an enhancement to our core Food Safety and Supplier Quality Management solutions, food safety practitioners can now gather and use big data sources to provide a fast and clear measure of risk in the supply chain, quickly scan for trends that might affect them, and feed this information directly back in the development of their local HACCP and PCP plans.

During this live one-hour presentation and Q&A, Safefood 360° founder and Director of Digital Innovation, George Howlett, presented multiple scenarios and best practices for how to use the tool.

Purpose-built for risk assessors, auditors, and retailers who want to conduct more robust risk assessments, the demo covered these scenarios through a detailed overview of three new solutions, RASFF Risk Report, Trend Report, and the Risk Scanner report:

The webinar also took a deep dive into how the tool can be used to solve everyday queries and concerns for the food safety practitioner by enabling them to connect directly to big data sources and answer the following questions:

  • What are the main hazards associated with specific food products when purchasing from a supplier?
  • Which countries generate the most notifications for products you use or are thinking of sourcing?
  • What are the major microbial pathogens associated with products in your supply chain?
  • Which hazards should you include in your HACCP or PCP study?
  • How best to remain alert to recent or emerging risks in the market?

If you would like more information on using Risk and harnessing the power of big data to underpin your assessments and decisions, click the button below and one of experts will be in touch to discuss how we can help you secure your supply chain.

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