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User GuideWhen in doubt, consult the user guide. That’s not something you can do with every software solution out there. Many solutions in fact come with almost no documentation at all. That’s not the case with Safefood 360° – we are proud to offer a consistent, intuitive and informative user guide that helps our users make the most out of the software.

Recently we’ve been asked to make some updates to the user guide. The biggest change is to update all the product images after the user interface redesign. However, this is more of a cosmetic change rather than functional. So now we’re starting to think of ways to improve the user guide in ways other than merely visual.

The project is not finished yet, and about half of the pages are still awaiting updates. After the first sweep, which involves updating all the product images, our team will focus on writing more use cases and examples that will help you get more benefit out of every work flow.

At this point we’d like to throw the ball to our users: What would you like to change in the user guide? Would you like more examples, videos, pictures, or something completely different? Please leave your comments below and we’ll do our best to put the best ideas forward.

We feel that a good user guide is an important tool in empowering our customers to become effective users without having to rely on support all the time. A good guide also lowers training related costs so implementing the software is more affordable and bringing new users on board is faster. When our users are more autonomous, our support people can focus on solving important cases and adding genuine value. So it’s really a situation where everybody wins if we do a good job.

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About Safefood 360°

Safefood 360° provides food safety management software and expert advice to leading food businesses around the world. The company mission is to help customers achieve their business objectives through a platform that brings all aspects of food safety, quality and compliance management together.

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