Tesco Technical Standard V5 Checklists

Continuing our work to build out our library of global and technical standards we are pleased to announce the inclusion of the Tesco Technical Standard Version 5. Users of Safefood 360° can now quickly build out internal and supplier audit programs against the requirements of Tesco.

The Safefood 360° Checklist Feature is an amazing time saving and efficiency tool. Quality Managers know that when it comes to developing and updating audit checklists a significant amount of time can be spent transposing and reworking each requirement. This feature eliminates the work required to do this and allows managers set up programs in minutes and get to work auditing. As requirements change we update the checklist with the latest requirements as part of the service. Compliance is also improved since we make sure all the elements of the standard are included in your audit scope.

More checklists will be added in the coming weeks. If there is a standard you want to see included please let your technical sales manager know and we will get it in there.

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