Food Quality Assurance and Regulatory Summit

Event journal: Food Regulatory & Quality Assurance Summit – Toronto

Toronto, as one of the major business hubs in North America, is a great location for gathering the Canadian quality assurance professionals in one place. Two weeks ago about 130 visitors met at the Food Regulatory & Quality Assurance Summit to discuss some of the recent trends in food safety management in North America. Safefood 360° was one of the exhibitors to take part in the summit.

The two-day event hosted a series of talks focusing on quality assurance and recent changes in food safety regulations. There were also talks about sustainability best practices in food manufacturing, the impact of food recalls on your brand, and a presentation about how food companies can meet the increasing demands for transparency, just to mention some of the many themes.

Robert Hibbert, from Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, delivered a talk about preparing for FSMA, which is a highly relevant topic for Canadian food companies at the moment as well. During the summit I talked to about 30 companies and I cannot recall a single business that wouldn’t be impacted by FSMA in one way or another. Our Canadian users were obviously happy to hear about our upcoming Supplier Plus module, which will help them meet the requirements of Food Safety Modernization Act from the get-go.

Toronto was a great experience for our company as we made several invaluable contacts there and had countless interesting discussions throughout the two days. We look forward to the summit next year!

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