The Rebirth of Supplier Control in Safefood 360°

Over the past number of months our customers will have noticed a subtle but unrelenting stream of enhancements to the Supplier Control module in Safefood 360°. In addition to these visible changes there has been a huge amount of work behind the scenes to bring it all together™. The result is a brand new end-to-end supplier control solution for our customers.

In short, you can now create your supplier control programs in the software and invite your suppliers into your site to help complete approval records, address non-conformances, report on corrective actions, upload specifications, certifications and much more. Your suppliers will have access to a different version of your site called the ‘Supplier Portal’ which will limit their access to only the modules, programs and records they need to access. Unlike other Supply Chain Solutions in the market Safefood 360° is not simply a document exchange portal, but instead allows for complete configuration of your programs using the checklists feature.

The control of your suppliers can be an extremely complex and labour intensive process and these new capabilities will bring enormous benefits to your operation. Not only can you have your entire supplier control program organised and automated on the platform, but you can also have your key supplier contacts log in to the software and complete tasks and activities that you would have otherwise had to complete. All records, files, specifications, audits and corrective actions are contained within the platform so no more emailing, scanning or faxing of paper records. Using the automatic alerting features you will spend far less time chasing suppliers and will finally be in control of your supplier control system.

This is as close to a turnkey supply chain management solution as you can get and it will only get better as we make substantial improvements in the weeks and months to come. The following diagram demonstrates the general workflow and capability of the solution.

Supplier Control Workflow

At this stage we are limiting the release of this update to a subset of our customer base as we continue testing and to ensure that everything is working as expected. General availability is expected within 2-3 months. If you would like to be part of this early access program please do get in touch with us and we will help you get started.

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