Introducing Barcodes in Safefood 360°

We are excited to announce the integration of barcoding into our Reporting framework. Barcodes are an essential part of every day trade and provide a simple and reliable way to identify and inform. Our first implementation of barcoding can be found in the Items of Equipment module. With just one click you can now print off a perfectly formatted Avery template of labels for each Item of Equipment in your facility. The label will contain the Item Name, Location and Serial Number as well as the all-important barcode. A QR Code to be specific.

AveryTemplateQR Codes are part of the new generation of 2-dimensial barcodes which can hold quite a lot of information. Although invented in 1994 they have only seen mainstream adoption in recent years, particularly in the commercial and advertising space. It’s hard to walk down a high street today without being exposed to QR Codes on shop windows, bus stops, bill boards, trashcans and even on the back of peoples clothing.

Although we are all probably sick of looking at them they do in fact offer the perfect solution for cataloguing and barcoding equipment in your factory. With just one scan of your smartphone or tablet you can be taken straight to that equipment’s page in Safefood 360°. From here you have access to all of the equipment’s information, manuals, photographs, maintenance programs and records, calibration and cleaning history and any microbiological surface testing that may have been carried out. Each QR code is unique to that item of equipment so it is an extremely reliable way to get the right information quickly and without any fuss. Also, quite impressive to your auditor when being subjected to a floor audit!

This is only the beginning and in the coming weeks and months we will introduce barcoding into other parts of the platform in line with our customer’s needs. We are not limited to QR Codes and can integrate virtually any barcode including ubiquitous codes like UPC, EAN etc. Presently we are exploring the possibility of barcoding Monitoring and CCP points throughout your factory giving you quick access to Monitoring Programs and other pertinent information. We’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature so please get in touch and tell us what you think.

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