Major Data Import improvements for customers

The on-boarding process of a comprehensive quality and food safety management system like Safefood 360° can often seem overwhelming. You need to take all your existing systems, programs, forms and documents, and convert them to a new platform. Luckily, our software has been built from ground up to facilitate a smooth transition and our professional services team are there every step of the way for each new and existing customer.

Some companies have chosen to complete much of the conversion work themselves internally, leaning on our customer support team as and when they need to. However we are now seeing more and more new customers opt for an intensive setup and conversion process delivered by our team of professional services consultants. This can save a huge amount of time and embed the system much quicker and more effectively than otherwise possible trying to do it yourself.

Our team are armed with the experience, expertise and tools they need to get a site converted from manual paper based systems to Safefood 360° in far less time and with the least amount of hassle and stress. Recently the product development team updated some of the data import tools available to customers and our professional services consultants. It has always been possible to mass import data and bulk upload documents into the software. Data import capabilities are a prerequisite for any enterprise software solution like Safefood 360°. However these recent enhancements have simplified the data collection and import process and broadened the amount of data types which can now be imported.

Virtually all Utility data items including Checklists and Tests can now be imported quickly and easily through familiar programs such as Microsoft Excel. All other more complex data types and programs can still be imported by our development team. These services are not just limited to new customers. If you are an existing customer with a large data set which you would like to get into Safefood 360° then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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