Finnish added to growing list of supported languages

In response to our recent entry to the Finnish market we have fully translated the software into Finnish to add to the growing list of supported languages (see the full list here) in Safefood 360°. Our Scandinavian Technical Sales Manager, Jarmo Paananen has had a warm welcome in Finland and he has been busy meeting local food companies. We hope this new translation will make the adoption of our software even easier.

The ability to use software in your native tongue bears incredible power. At Safefood 360° we only use highly qualified translators who know their subject inside out, and we require them to take extensive training in the software before starting the actual translation work. This ensures the software feels equally intuitive, whether you view it in Finnish, German, Chinese or any other language we support. And like always, we work continuously to improve the translation based on the feedback we get from the community of active users.

Now, people from outside Europe might be wondering where Finland actually is. It is a Nordic country situated in Northern Europe sharing a border with Sweden to the west, Norway to the north, Russia to the east, and Estonia to the south across the Gulf of Finland – and it also is the birth country of Lassi, our Marketing Manager. With a population of 5.5 million people it is the most sparsely populated country in the European Union, but at the same time Finnish food businesses have been active in expanding beyond the national borders and embracing great quality products. We are confident our software will fit perfectly with this mentality!

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