Include automatically filled timestamps in your monitoring programs

Many users have requested the ability include an automatically filled timestamp in a monitoring form. For example, you might want to automatically capture the time of the delivery under “Receiving inspections” or the time when a test was conducted in “Monitoring”. But in a busy production environment every second is precious, so it would be great if the time would be filled in automatically on the monitoring form.

This new feature will save a huge amount of the operators’ time as they don’t need to focus on filling in details that can now be filled in automatically. Automatic timestamps that come from our server also eliminate the possibility of noting down an incorrect time or changing the records afterwards, which is great for your audit readiness. The timestamp is filled automatically by our servers at the moment when you save and submit the form, and it cannot be changed afterwards.

To make use of the new feature you only need to create a new open data test under the “Tests” module. Simply open up the module, and click “Add Open Data” and select “Timestamp”. You need to give your new timestamp a name and save it in some folder, but then you’re already done. You can then include it as part of a monitoring or a receiving program.

It couldn’t be easier than that!

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