Help videos for every module, program, and record

Our team has finished producing a series of over hundred help videos. These videos are designed to show you exactly how you are supposed to work with each module, program, and record in the software and how to fill in the records properly.

When a video is available for a given page in the software a small icon will appear on the top bar of the software as is shown in the picture above. Clicking this icon will open up a video popup with the video as well as a link to the relevant user guide page.

We hope this will make the adoption of the software even easier and help you master even the smallest nuances of the software. Our aim with the videos has been to be rather thorough and to give you lots of tips. This will hopefully help you connect the dots between how utilities, modules, programs and records all connect together as the seamless software platform that Safefood 360° is.

As far as we know, this is a rather unique feature in the software world. There are few world class management platforms that give you this level of access to free professional training allowing your users to become virtually autonomous as users and avoid having to go through expensive training courses.



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