The Finnish Oiva-grading system and Safefood 360°

The Finnish food safety authority, Evira, has been developing a new food safety program called Oiva. Oiva is a nationwide program in which food businesses are audited by health officials and they receive a so called Oiva-rating, which is then publicly displayed to consumers. The program is targeted especially at restaurants and other public kitchens where food is being handled.

Oiva – as of today – consists of 17 different areas, which cover all elements of good food safety from the training of employees, to cleanliness, hygiene, and more.

Our team carried out an analysis of the new Oiva-rating and its constituent parts. According to our analysis Safefood 360° software is able to cover all areas of the new program, with the exception of product labelling, which is not yet available in our software package.

We are very pleased to find out that our software is so flexible it can cover right out of the box this brand new food safety rating system.

If you wish to see our entire analysis on Safefood 360° compatibility with the new Oiva-rating, you can download the PDF here. Note that the file is in Finnish.

In case you are interested in knowing more about Oiva and how Safefood 360° can help you with addressing the requirements of Oiva, please contact our Scandinavian Technical Sales Manager Jarmo Paananen (+358 40 824 6166).

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