Automatic scheduling of management reviews available

It’s the time of the year again when you need to bring the management team together and spend a day going through last years objectives and setting new ones as well as reviewing all your systems, audits and more. For this we offer a beautifully simple module called Management Review that brings order and structure to these meetings. And we even have a neat standard agenda built into the module that will help you start developing your own management review program if you don’t know where to start otherwise.

Introducing automatic scheduling of management reviews

We’ve recently made a seemingly small but powerful change to the Management Review module. As opposed to be limited to creating your management reviews manually, you can now create a program that can automatically repeat on a given interval. What you can do is to create a management review program, select the right checklist to be the agenda of your meeting (remember that we provide you a standard checklist if you don’t have your own) and schedule the program.

From thereon the software will automatically remind you and your management team about the upcoming meeting well ahead of time. The reminder can be your cue to start preparing the actual review content, booking the meeting space and confirming participation from other team members.

It’s not a big change but it will make your life a little bit easier and allow you to focus your time on managing other things!

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