Product Update: Traceability Reports for Product and Material Vertical Audits

We are pleased to announce the latest enhancement to the platform now means users can conduct vertical audits of products and materials within seconds.

Traceability exercises and audits are an important component of GFSI audits which require food businesses to show full oversight of all products and materials through all stages of processing and dispatch, both forwards and backward.

Conducting these track and trace exercises is often a time-consuming activity and requires significant resources from the food business.

Typically these records are maintained in binders or folders which quickly accumulate and sourcing can take hours, if not days, depending on the efficiency of the record-keeping system in place and the resources dedicated to the task.

During a GFSI audit, the time available to produce these records is limited before a nonconformance is received, for example, the BRCGS allows a maximum of 4 hours to complete this action.

When internal audits are being conducted, this means time is spent on an activity that is non-value adding and could be applied elsewhere within the organization for a greater benefit.

We are pleased to reveal the latest enhancement to our solution is now available and resolves all of the above issues with no additional work required from users.


What has changed?

The new vertical audit reports leverage the power of the Safefood 360° system and allow these actions to be complete within a matter of seconds.

This means food businesses can now access and retrieve all product and material data and demonstrate GFSI compliance 24/7 with no disruption or additional burden to their workload.

Users just simply select the product or material they wish to retrieve records for and define the period they wish to assess and the Safefood 360° platform will do the rest.

Simply select the product or material … and Safefood 360° will do the rest

If required, users can also further filter or search by batch number as well.

Once the search criteria is defined, simply press search and the search results will be returned to you, with the full vertical audit completing within a matter of seconds.

The returned relevant records in your search can then be opened and reviewed in real-time with all corresponding and supporting information attached, demonstrating complete oversight of your facility at all times.

What do I need to change?

Users will need to make no adjustments or changes to receive this upgrade.

The new vertical audit features are now live within the platform and are available to all Safefood 360° users.

Simply navigate to the Reports tab and you will be able to run your report.

If you are not a Safefood 360° user but would like to see how these reports could work for your business, simply request a demo by clicking here or the button below, and one of our product experts will be in touch to assist you.

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