Introducing My Actions: Quick & full oversight of your Actions

We are pleased to announce the enhancement of a new smarter dashboard and interactive grid within the ‘My Actions’ tab is now available to all users.

At their most basic level, food safety compliance systems are a collection of various tests, inspections, observations, measures and specific events.

From temperature checks to full audits and their resulting corrective actions, each Action is in place because it has been deemed necessary to either maintain legal compliance or reduce risk to a certain level.

Typically, these Actions are conducted at a frequency determined appropriate based on risk assessment, while others can be conducted in response to a specific output from an Action, e.g., corrective action or non-conformance.

In either case, the business must react in a timely way to ensure compliance and risk levels are maintained.

As such, effective management and immediate oversight of outstanding actions can be crucial to ensuring the successful operation and compliance of a manufacturing site, and so, we are pleased to introduce this latest update to Safefood 360° for the immediate benefit to all users.

Why this change

One of the challenges experienced by food businesses is driving these actions according to schedule and having quick and full oversight of the state of these Actions.

Countless hours are spent by technical people simply gaining a picture of compliance and risk status before any work on these actions takes place.

This is lost time and has little by the way of value.

Countless hours are spent simply gaining a picture of compliance and risk status

For this reason, Safefood 360° has launched a major upgrade called My Actions Dashboard.

This is a specially designed dashboard for each individual user of Safefood 360° and includes:

  • Only those specific actions relating to the user logged in.
  • One-click access to the workflow or record which needs to be completed to close out the actions.
  • Actions can be sorted by Date Opened, Date Due, Risk, Program, Workflow, Status and other properties.
  • Trends on their activity and clear measures on the number of Open, Overdue and High-Risk Actions against their name.
  • Power search features to help users find their work fast.

This new feature has one solitary objective which is to give people and management a clear and real-time view of the Actions open and which need to be addressed.

Visibility of Actions drives their closure more effectively which increases compliance and reduces risk.

Visibility of Actions drives their closure more effectively

As always, there is no onus or work required from the user to set up and you will be able to enjoy this new feature as standard and out of the box with the software.

Questions & Impact

We trust you will benefit from the implementation of these changes and enjoy using them.

These enhancements are now live and no changes are required from users to set up or implement.

This update to My Actions serves as the next step in our mission to bring all aspects of food safety together into one platform that is intuitive to use and streamlines the time Quality Managers need to compile their data and take action.

We welcome your feedback on all product updates or any other aspect of the Safefood 360° product and service.

If you have any specific questions regarding this product update, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

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