Introducing E-book: Food Safety Oversight and Remote Working Challenges

The operational landscape for many businesses has changed with more food businesses now producing at increased levels of operational risk.

A recent survey showed that more than 80% of food businesses are now facilitating remote work for food safety practices, while 60% of compliance departments are new to remote working.

Compliance people, who are now working remotely, must identify new ways of maintaining oversight of their facilities and collaborating with their supplier base.

Further to this point, organizations that are now facilitating remote working may encounter more problems and challenges than a traditional operation as new working practices emerge, that have been untested at scale, which may potentially disrupt key activities and processes that are vital to long term business health.

In fewer industries is this more true than food and beverage manufacturing, where, unlike service-oriented industries, a ‘boots on the ground’ presence plays an invaluable component of the
structured working day.

Arguably, the industry was not prepared for the challenges of recent months with many businesses, regulation authorities, and certification bodies turning to digital technologies to bridge the current gap with varying degrees of effectiveness.

As remote culture becomes adopted on a global scale with unprecedented demand, businesses now face challenges in how best to manage decentralized teams or individual employees, while still enforcing their food safety culture and accruing the data and insights needed to maintain core critical business continuity.

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest e-book which addresses these challenges and more, including:

  • Understanding global food organizations and decentralized teams
  • Challenges unique to the food industry and the food safety practitioner
  • Getting to grips with the challenges of remote audits and certifications
  • Conducting activities underscored by a principle of trust, but verify
  • Balancing professional productivity and employee happiness
  • Maintaining Integrated Management Systems from a distance

E-book cover: Food Safety Oversight and Remote Working Challenges

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