IFSQN Webinar: Supplier Approval Intelligence, The Next Evolution

Modern Supplier Approval programs have advanced with the requirements of FSMA and GFSI, and this recent webinar held in conjunction with the International Food Safety Quality Network explores some of the tools that you can apply to meet these demands.

Globally, 1 in 10 people are affected and more than 420,000 die from foodborne illness every year worldwide.

As food recalls increase and many recall processes prove to be inefficient, learnings are rarely shared in a climate with an increasing dependence on a global supply chain to source raw materials and partially processed product.

This webinar explores potential steps that can be taken to work towards resolving the inefficiencies of global supply chains by taking a focused look at examples of Scorecarding, Auditing, Risk-Assessments, Pre-Assessments, and Supply Chain Mapping, which can be utilized to strengthen a businesses Supplier Approval Programs.

Going beyond this, the webinar also highlights how data gathered using these tools can provide you with a tremendous amount of Business Intelligence which can drive real learnings and efficiencies in the practice of any organization and is fast becoming a necessary requirement in today’s environment.

Download the Presentation Slides and Certificate of Attendance from the IFSQN website.


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