RFC Case Study

Royal FrieslandCampina: Gaining Global Oversight with Supply Chain Management by Safefood 360°

If dairy products make their way into your daily breakfast, you’re most likely using a product provided to you by Royal FrieslandCampina (RFC), including label names such Friso, Nounou, Frisian Flag and Dutch Lady. With roots tracing back to 1871, RFC is now a globally recognized company with a rich history spanning over 150 years – even being granted “Royal” status by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in 2004. Their product portfolio currently consists of milk, baby and infant food, dairy drinks, yogurts, desserts, cheese, butter, cream, milk powder and ingredients from dairy.

Throughout the years, RFC continued to adopt different cutting-edge technologies to keep balance and a competitive edge. After merging with Campina in 2008, and now employing nearly 24,000 people across 38 offices and distributing to over 100 countries, RFC needed a solution to maintain compliance and manage suppliers. In 2017, they adapted the Safefood 360° Supplier Quality Management Solution into their business ecosystem. (Looking for the available languages? View our supported languages)

Growing the company and standardizing their supply chain

Even companies with one site, one supplier, and one export chain run into issues when using paper-based systems or excel files and emails to track records. A growing company or global corporation no longer has this option in today’s digital world and must search out the right software solution in order to stay on top of their business and protect their brand.

When RFC established their exportation chain, their first task at hand was to tackle the standardization of their supplier’s product in quality (Learn how Safefood 360° helps companies in webinar) and making the information readily available in a single, cloud-based system. Safefood 360° provided the platform they needed to have a gateway for their suppliers, allowing them access anywhere, anytime and without language barriers.

The Solution: A Customized and Agile Platform

Safefood 360° allows for agility and customization within companies, with over 35 modules, so different industries can maximize their productivity within their specific business needs. By starting with high-risk materials and implementing the supplier scorecard, RFC easily manages suppliers and ensures which suppliers are qualified within their company standards. Safefood 360° gives suppliers the ability to login through dedicated portals and submit the proof of quality for their products, according to the checklist. By utilizing the Supplier Quality Management software, RFC is able to gain complete oversight of their supply chain and manage the same company standard across all 100 countries they do business.

With utilizing Safefood 360°, RFC was able to be connected directly to their suppliers to reduce human error when inputting the data into a different system allowing RFC to continue to track their suppliers quickly, without needing to continue to guide them in product quality requirements, logistics coordination and equipment management.

Professional in not just software, but also education service.

Real time data collection is nearly impossible when we go back to the old days – the need for digitization comes clearer as technology changes daily, but this can be hard to move out of and every company has different levels of comfortability with software solutions. Safefood 360° understands differing levels of expertise within companies, and provides 24/7 support businesses like RFC to evolve, improve, and develop together to remain competitive in the market.

“We received extensive support and help from Safefood 360°. Good training, good advice, and good support in implementation.” Yvette Zijerveld.

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