What I’ve learned so far by working at Safefood 360°

As a self-confessed newbie to the company I’ve been wetting my feet in all areas of the industry since joining. But while I’m new to Safefood 360° it would be disingenuous to say I’m new to food management, safety, or services.

My family has a history of working in the bread industry and I was no different when, fresh nosed at the age of sixteen, I started my first job working as a delivery Van Boy. Since then, I’ve worked around the globe before eventually, and inevitably, ending up here.

Our paths can lead us down unexpected journeys but sometimes we wind up where we think we ought to be. With my over decade long working history having come full circle I’ve realised that everything I’ve been learning to this point is done differently here. That’s not to say what I was doing before was wrong, but simply that here it is done better.

The difference is in the details

We hear clichéd expressions all the time, “get your ducks in a row”, “cross the t’s and dot the I’s”, “leave no stone unturned” and I always listened but never fully understood. These are not just words of wisdom for a single moment or situation but rather they’re a life philosophy and ethos that should be applied holistically to business and here they are.

Before I joined the company I studied it, and while interesting, on the outside it looked not much different from any competitor or business-to-business SaaS company. It’s only now after becoming fully immersed for two months I understand that while on the outside it may seem the same, just like when comparing cars – the engine under the hood and how it’s constructed are what really matter.

On the outside it might seem the same. But it’s what’s under the hood that matters

And this is where Safefood 360° is unparalleled.

Community through coordinated communication

I have never worked anywhere were ideas are as easily communicated or as quickly responded to. Internally we have multiple communication channels where, if I need a more learned hand in something, I can contact one of our Territory Managers in a variety of different ways.

More generally we utilize chat software and have specific platforms where the latest reports, trends, or biggest news for our clients are reported. The result is even if it’s not your job to know, you’re aware of what’s happening. The purpose and clarity of Safefood 360°’s mission is continuously reinforced through positivity.

The purpose and clarity of our mission is continuously reinforced through positivity.

Meaningful dialogue with our customers

From the immediate get-go communications are something we pride ourselves on. I myself am the established first point of contact when you request a demo. It’s great to know that you receive an answer from a person and not an auto-responder. Each answer is tailored to the business so you know you’re hearing from a company that takes consideration to understand your business and whether we’ll be a good fit for you. We can only grow by helping you get what you need – and the only way to learn what that is, is by talking to you and listening.

We know that switching or signing up to a Food Safety Software and Management Solution can be demanding on your business. It’s why our first priority is to fully flesh out a proper understanding of what your company is looking for and how we can meet your needs. The result is that when you have your demonstration you are having an informed conversation that highlights the advantages of our system specifically to your needs and not a template discussion.

Keep ahead of the curve with committed support

The customer support team are bravely the first into the office and have our heat and coffee going so the rest of us don’t suffer. In my very first week I learned that Customer Support is more than just technical support. They’re also in charge of customer success.

This might sound like marketing hyperbole where you think “that’s just Customer Support” but the team goes beyond just responding to questions and actually allows you to assume ownership of the software.

We want you to take ownership of our software

You aren’t just supported with our software, you are positively encouraged to be successful with it. And that makes a big difference.

Meanwhile Robert, our Software Development Manager, really takes to heart the process of development and is continuously seeking feedback. We know that our product has to continuously evolve for us to ensure you stay ahead of global compliance requirements.

The importance of professional services

I’ve seen that most business don’t value service quite the same way as us and miss the forest for the trees. Many companies are too focused on the product and ignore that customers need professional help outside of their own system.

This is why professional services are an integral part of every implementation as they ensure that while the software is applied its roots are fully attached to your business. It being linked to your basic functions means that there is no waste of time or resources as every affect is immediate and pronounced.

Bring it all together

As I said at the beginning sometimes we go full circle just to end up where we belong. Along the way my first love was English as I studied with ambitions to complete a PhD before the allure of travel stole me away. That’s why one of the things that makes me happy to work here is the level of detail the company applies to everything we do.

Our name is autological. This makes my inner English nerd happy. What it means is that it explains itself. Safefood 360° literally is what it is – safe food from a 360° perspective.

Seeing the positivity and commitment that emanates from each aspect of the business it’s hard to not feel inspired when it comes to my own role. I realize that my contributions are larger than just myself. We help everyone every way we can.

And that’s a nice feeling.

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      Thanks Philip!

      And thanks for the wonderful working environment as well!


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