The software for FSMA is here

We are announcing solutions in the three key areas of FSMA:

  • Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP)
  • Food Safety Plan (PCP / HARPC)
  • Food Defense

Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP)

The biggest source of additional paperwork for most of Safefood 360° customers comes in the form of Foreign Supplier Verification programs. Where the implicit tradition has been to control your supplier base on the level of each supplier, FSMA brings the level of control to each material.

Safefood 360° provides a ready solution for:

  • Managing suppliers and materials
  • Risk assessing suppliers and materials
  • Collecting documentation, self-assessments, and certifications
  • Automatically triggered document reviews when documents expire
  • Automatic notifications

With FSMA it’s not only about what the software does, but it’s also about how you use it. That’s why our team of Professional Services will train you to use the software in the optimal way.

Food Safety Plan (PCP / HARPC)

Another major change is the move away from maintaining a HACCP plan. The key differences between PCP (Preventive Controls Plan) and HACCP are 1) the risk assessment in PCP needs to be conducted by assuming an absence of control measures, whereas HACCP is the opposite, and 2) FSMA requires you to control Preventive Controls to a similar degree as CCP’s, meaning you will have to document, monitor, verify, and have corrective actions in place for PCs.

Safefood 360° allows you to:

  • Build HACCP, PCP / HARPC, TACCP and VA plans all directly into Safefood 360°
  • Integrate your risk management plans with other elements of Safefood 360°
  • Monitor, manage and verify all your Control Points and Preventive Controls

Food Defense

FDA has released ready tools for developing your Food Defense plan, but we found this tool to be cumbersome and an unnecessary overhead to manage. That’s why we’ve added all the necessary tools to Safefood 360°:

  • Conduct your Vulnerability Assessment (VA) in the Food Safety Plan module
  • Conduct a Food Defense Audit
  • Document your security gaps and close them out

How can I get the FSMA solution?

  • Existing customers: Talk to our support team or your account manager.
  • New customer? Please click below to leave your details. We’ll be in touch to help get you started on your journey.

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