The Food Safety Management Framework Schematic

Food Safety Management is an emerging profession. For those seeking a career in the area it can often be confusing to understand the true nature of what it means to be a food safety manager.

The framework illustrates the sometimes complex nature of this new profession.

A food safety professional on a good day needs to be a scientist, technologist, project manager, change manager, legal expert, risk assessor… the list never ends.

In practice, food safety managers are the quintessential jack of all trades. To be effective in the role a little knowledge can often be a good thing.

Remember, you don’t need to be an expert in all these fields but you do need to know enough to know what you don’t know.

And most importantly, where there’s a gap in your knowledge you need to know an expert in the area who can fill the gap and make you look great.

Where do you fit in the framework?

Food Safety Management Framework Schematic

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