Structural Enhancements in Supplier Control

Because of the new capabilities introduced into the Assessment Workflow, Safefood 360° now has a powerful Record which allows users to conduct any type of Assessment upon a Supplier or a Material, including assessing the Risk of that Supplier or Material.

This means that several Records in the Supplier Control module will become redundant and be phased out over time. These are:

  • Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Supplier Certification
  • Supplier Review
  • Specification Review

Each of the above Records and corresponding Parent Programs will be retired in the coming weeks and be replaced with the new Assessment Programs/Records.

Structural Enhancements in Supplier Control - Supplier Control temporary view - March 2017

Important: Users do not need to take any action for these changes. Safefood 360° will conduct the work required to migrate the old Assessment Programs and Records to the new format, and Safefood 360° users will not have to change anything.

The result of these structural enhancements will be a more streamlined Supplier Control module, which is easier to comprehend and use. The button features in the module will appear like so:

If you have any questions or feedback concerning the change, let us know in the comments or through the software itself.

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