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There are a number of key points that sets Safefood 360° apart from its competitors. One is the fact that our solutions have been developed by food safety experts who work in the front line of the food industry in various roles including technologists, managers, trainers and auditors. This means we understand the needs of the food safety manager better than generic compliance software vendors.

The latest addition to our Training module is a case in point. Under GFSI standards there is a requirement for certified businesses to maintain a register or matrix of trainings completed. To meet this requirement companies usually maintain a simple register showing the training programs completed by each employee and the level of competency achieved. However, through our customers it has emerged that SQF auditors require a more detailed register which also includes the date of training, training provider and skills covered in the training.

To ensure our customers are always fully compliant against all standards we have now included a new SQF Training Skills Register in the reports section of the Training Module. As each new training activity is completed this register is automatically updated saving users hours of work and eliminating any potential for a non-conformance due to failing to maintain the register up to date.

This new feature was up in the system a couple of days after confirming with users the emerging audit approach by SQF auditors. This ability to react to users’ needs is an essential element and core principle of Safefood 360°. We trust our users will find this new feature of benefit.

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