Relax! Scheduled Reporting has arrived…

Following on from the recent announcement of our new reporting feature, I am happy to say your feedback has been excellent. The ability to now produce hundreds of reports with just one click of the mouse is cutting down dramatically on the time required to compile standard, management and trending reports.

One of the great benefits of software as a service like Safefood 360 is our ability to react to our customers’ needs rapidly. Following the launch of reports some of you said you generally produce the same focused reports on a routine basis. You asked could your favourite reports be automatically scheduled and delivered in PDF format by email?

Well the answer is YES! We are pleased to announced that this service has now been included as standard across all editions of the software. It’s easy to use. You simply go to the module of the software you would like to set up a schedule report delivery, click on the link and tell us what you need. We look after the rest.

We have also completed the roll out of the PDF record facility. Any record, program or report can now be generated in a professional PDF format ready for printing or emailing.

Happy reporting.