GlobalGAP Version 5 checklists available in Safefood 360°

We’re more than pleased to inform our users about the addition of GlobalGAP Integrated Farm Assurance (Version 5) checklists into our system checklists.

Altogether, there are 140 checklists to choose from depending on the type of operation you run, and you can easily include them in your Internal Audit programs by following this advice.

Example: Configuring an internal audit program against GlobalGAP V5

Here’s a quick example of how you might use these new checklists if you need to follow the GlobalGAP standard. In less than 5 minutes, you can set up an internal audit program against all the relevant checklists and start testing your compliance.

Step 1: Set up program details

First up, go to “Auditing” and click “Add Program”. You can use, for instance, this configuration.

Configurating your internal audit program against GlobalGAP V5

Step 2: Select the checklists

Drill down to the checklists by selecting “System Checklists” -> “Auditing” -> “Global GAP” -> “Integrated Farm Assurance Standard”.

Choose from all the system checklists

You can select multiple checklists in one go. List out all the relevant checklists in your program.

Select all the ckecklists that are relevant to your business

And you’re done! You can benchmark your business against this new standard right now. If you don’t want to audit the entire standard in one massive audit, you can break it down by chapters and conduct audits over the course of a longer period like a year.

As always, we love your comments and feedback!

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