Customer support just got snappier!

At Safefood 360° customer service is in our DNA. We believe that every customer interaction is an opportunity to make a lasting impression. Our founding COO believes in this so much that he personally takes customer service requests from users every day.

When it comes to customer support a “Screenshot” paints a thousand words. Being able to see what is on your screen when you log a support request is not only helpful for our technical support agents but can dramatically improve the response time to resolution. It eliminates the guess work and otherwise inevitable follow up contacts to understand your request, feedback or issue.

Send screenshots to Support
We are pleased to provide a substantially upgraded feedback screenshot tool over the previous incarnation which was clunky and often hit and miss. This new tool called ‘usersnap’ will run in any browser including tablet and mobile devices and is 10 times faster than before. It requires no third party components like Java which makes it even easier and more hassle free to use.

It comes loaded with a toolbox allowing you to annotate, highlight, draw and type notes on the screen before you submit your request. You can also black out any parts of the screen that you don’t wish to share with customer support. The end result is a much quicker, easier and more precise way to get your message across and importantly to do so in manner that only requires one contact point, saving time for all concerned. Enjoy!

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