Checklists Updates: SQF Modules Expanded & Coles Standard Introduced

The suite of SQF checklists have been expanded and updated to include all 14 SQF modules. These checklists already incorporate the latest changes to the SQF Code 7.2. This includes the addition of Module 14 – Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Brokers and Agents.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of the Coles Supplier Requirements for Food standard which our users in Australia will find invaluable. For companies operating under this standard they will be able to generate their required internal audit programs fully aligned with the specific requirements of Coles.

The purpose of these checklists is to allow our users quickly set up internal and supplier audit programs with the specific requirements of these standard without the need to build the checklists from scratch. The benefits of this checklist feature includes quick set up of robust audit programs, automatic updates on the checklists as the standards are revised and the ability to modify the templates to build your own unique requirements. More checklists will be added in the coming weeks. If there is a standard you want to see included please let us know.

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  1. Archana
    Archana says:

    Hi.. Can you please let me know where is this checklist available from?


  2. Philip
    Philip says:

    Hi Archana. You would need to be a customer of Safefood 360 to access the checklists.


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