Boost your food safety monitoring with file upload capability

We’re excited to introduce a new update to the Monitoring & Receiving modules. You can now add a file upload field to your monitoring programs. This new feature allows you to collect any type and any number of files as part of your recording. Files can be photos from your tablet computer, PDF’s, or anything else. When used correctly, this update allows you to turbocharge your food safety monitoring and receiving inspections.

Benefits of the new file upload to your food safety monitoring

  • Your staff can now capture and store photographic and other evidence much faster
  • The attachments are stored inline with the other test results making it easier for you to know afterward which files are related to which sample
  • Common uses include attaching photos of ready products, material shipments, or product labels
  • In the Receiving module, you might use the new field to capture COA’s and other certificates provided by the supplier

How to use the new file upload as part of your monitoring?

Step 1: Create a new file upload field under the Tests module

First you need to go to the “Tests” module and create a new file upload test. You can do it by clicking “File Upload” under the “Add Open Data” button. Give your file upload field a name and you’re ready for the next step.New file upload field can be created under "Tests" module

Give your file upload field a name

Step 2: Add your new file upload field to any monitoring program

You can add the newly created test to any of your existing programs (like we do in this example) or create an entirely new program.

Add your file upload field to any monitoring program

Step 3: You’re all set to start collecting attachments

That’s it. Your users can now start adding files as part of the monitoring record. Notice that one line can capture any number of attachments in the file upload field, but there can only be one file upload test added to a program.

This is what the file upload field looks like

Upload as many files as you want


How do you plan to use this new feature?

Let us know in the comments below if you like this update and in particular we’d love to hear how you’re going to use this new feature!

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