Our secret to successful email support

There’s nothing worse when, after spending time on a website filling in some forms or buying a product, that something unexpected happens. The objects in the shopping cart disappear, a website link doesn’t go to the appropriate place, or the whole site crashes and everything you’ve done is lost.

It’s annoying because who knows why it happened? If you try again will it happen again? Often times, you’re guilty of just giving up, and I’m the same. So why are we so hesitant to use that little link that says “Email Support”?

The time for support is now

Most people probably don’t enjoy email support, because we assume nothing will happen. After detailing our complaint and hitting send we don’t expect an answer anytime soon but we want one now! Now is the time we set aside to pay our bills or order that gift. We don’t want to do it later when our problem is now. The simple fact is that many online support ticketing responses ARE slow. We have been conditioned by these examples not to trust that “Email Support” button.

I understand that. At Safefood 360˚ we all do. And that’s why we’re different.

Responses in real time

The digital revolution wasn’t supposed to come with a wait time; it promised to get us through the lines quicker. It’s no surprise customers are continuously impressed with the quality and speed of our responses.

The digital revolution wasn’t supposed to come with a wait time

One of our customers was undergoing a SQF audit they came across a question concerning the audit trail. The auditor watched cynically while she opened a ticket remarking that she wouldn’t get a response for two days. Knowingly she replied, “I’ll receive a reply within 30 minutes”.

She did.

Our support beats the industry average response time by 95%

Among web applications the average first response time across the industry is 18.7 hours. And how many times have we experienced no reply at all? All this leads us to reach for the phone and look for a contact number or just walk away.

Safefood 360° does much better than the industry average by responding to incoming tickets within the first hour 55 to 60% of the time on average. Even more, nearly three quarters of tickets are responded to within the first 8 hours. This means we beat the industry average reply time to less than half of the others. We promise, tickets won’t get lost and chances are high that a response will be received quickly or at least during the same shift.

Success comes from working together

Safefood 360° takes Email Support one step further. We view it not just as a way to fix a problem but as an opportunity for our customers to learn more about the software and get advice about how and which module should be used for a particular issue.

Recently one customer had been struggling with optimizing our Cleaning module. For two years they didn’t know there was a simple solution and had been doing a function in a roundabout way. They didn’t reach out for our support and let their frustration grow until they contacted us. They couldn’t believe either the response time or the solution. Within 30 minutes of plucking up the courage to email and ask for help they had an answer that streamlined their process and freed-up resources to focus elsewhere.

The Customer Support team would much rather answer a question that could resolve a puzzle quickly than have you waste your time for hours or days. We are looking for ways to help our customers succeed and are unable to help if we don’t know the problems.

Overcome that initial impulse that says, “Nothing will happen” and see what does

The next time you have an idea, comment, or question on your mind about Safefood 360°, act on it. Click on Email Support and send a ticket. Overcome that initial impulse that says, “Nothing will happen” and see what does.

Our secret ingredient in successful email support is commitment to our customers. We know that support needs to be there when you need it.

Chances are good that the problem will be resolved faster and clearer than when you shoot in the dark. Let us help support you so we can do the things we do best, to give you the time to focus on the things you do best.

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