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Over the past week or so our team has been working hard to produce a series of videos that serve as an introduction to the various modules in Safefood 360°. Each video consists of a short introduction and an explanation to the core use of the module, followed by a hands on example, and finally a benefits summary. We believe this format will serve well our existing users as well as people who are just considering migrating their food safety management systems to Safefood 360°.

We’ve also produced some videos highlighting the different features in Safefood 360°, such as Related Lists and Checklists. Things that are not exactly modules, but serve an important function in creating the user experience.

A full list of the videos can be seen on the Modules pages or on our YouTube channel.

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  1. Abed Badwan
    Abed Badwan says:

    wasn’t able to see the video. I’m starting a new business doing restaurants food safety training, inspection, consulting, and auditing. is your system compatible to other systems in the market and is it the same 360 used by others in usa? any idea about the cost? tnx

    • Lassi Eronen
      Lassi Eronen says:

      Hi Abed – thanks for the question!

      Safefood 360° offers you full integration with other systems in the market when its necessary and we’ve built the system so that its aligned will all the major food safety standards – so I would say it’s very much compatible with things you’ll find out there. Specifics will of course depend on what type of system we are looking at, and whether it makes commercial sense to integrate them.

      Majority of our users are in the US and they range from small corner-shop bakeries to some of the very largest multinationals in the world, and anything in between. I’ve forwarded your comment to our technical sales people in the US who will be able to help you with the question on pricing, because it really depends on the intended application of the software and the solution you would need. What I can say is that the software is a SaaS product, so you’ll purchase a yearly licence and it covers everything you need in one fee – it’s a really nice way of getting software sorted.

      Oh yeah, you mentioned the video wouldn’t work. Try once more, or see our YouTube channel. At least when I checked I could see the videos normally, but perhaps its some kind of browser compatibility issue.

      Kind regards,


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