LGC Assure Launches New Website for Assurance Insights

The Power of 5 for Assurance

We are proud to be part of the LGC Assure family with the recent announcement that LGC Assure has been formulated to combine 5 businesses – AXIO Proficiency Testing, BRCGS, Informed, Safefood 360° and SSAS. Following this announcement, LGC Assure launched a new website, lgcassure.com, in February of this year.

The website presents five leading brands together, to provide a connected series of supply chain assurance solutions across critical touchpoints. LGC ASSURE serves many sectors including manufacturing, retail, laboratory, ingredients and supplements. As well as Safefood 360°, it comprises:

  • AXIO, a world leader in laboratory proficiency testing
  • BRCGS, a market-leading global brand that helps build confidence in the supply chain
  • INFORMED, the number one name in nutritional supplement endorsement
  • Sport and specialised analytical services (SSAS), world’s premier independent drug surveillance laboratories, providing unrivalled and internationally trusted expertise in all aspects of doping and medication control for animal sports

The first iteration of the website communicates the products and services of each brand and helps our customers understand how each of the brands compliment each other and explains why LGC ASSURE was formed from these businesses.

Jon Murthy, Global Head of Marketing at LGC ASSURE had this to say.

“LGC ASSURE gives the industry a comprehensive and connected suite of solutions that allow them to intelligently analyse the safety, quality and authenticity of their goods and services. Furthermore, LGC ASSURE helps the industry to meet the challenges around health, environmental, human welfare and ethical impact. The website is our chance to communicate our expertise and value drivers in these areas”.

The Future of lgcassure.com

“In addition, whilst lgcassure.com remains a shop window into the company’s brands, it’s the future of the website that is most exciting. Our industry news section, Assurance Insights, will provide all stakeholders in the supply chain and assurance industry to find the latest news, expert analysis and must-know trends. It is our vision to create a website that is personalized to each individual need and allow people to find the answers they are looking for.”

If you would like more information about LGC ASSURE, you can contact them using the form here.

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