Introducing LGC Assure: Connecting the dots of supply chain assurance

As part of our continued commitment to bringing value to our customers and all businesses in the supply chain, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new business group from our parent organisation LGC, a global leader in life science tools and solutions.

With immediate effect, Safefood 360° and three other market-leading LGC brands come together under the banner of LGC ASSURE to provide intelligent assurance across supply chains, united with the common vision of “Science for a Safer World”.

This newly formed unit combines our core offerings of food safety and supplier quality management software with a connected series of supply chain assurance solutions across critical touchpoints, with a focus on manufacturing, laboratory, ingredients, and nutritional supplements sectors.

The other brands in this new family of suite offerings will include:

  • AXIO, a world leader in laboratory proficiency testing
  • BRCGS, the operator of the world’s most rigorous third party quality & safety certification schemes
  • INFORMED, the number one name in nutritional supplement endorsement

In addition, LGC ASSURE offers world leading human drug and animal sports testing provided by Sport and Specialised Analytical Services (SSAS).

Supply chains have grown in length and complexity in recent years.

The value of goods traded globally has tripled to more than $10 trillion annually, creating supply chains that are harder to manage, less resilient and more opaque.

The emergence of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as a key driver of investment decision making means brand owners, manufacturers and retailers need greater visibility of standards and practices across their supply networks.

Thanks to the proliferation of digital and social channels poor supply chain practices and product integrity failures are increasingly vulnerable to exposure and consumer activism.

The result is that product integrity is under greater challenge than ever before and the risk of exposure is increasing.

Forces are combining to create the need for a more connected approach to supply chain assurance, with the emphasis on ever improving performance rather than compliance with minimum standards.

Mark Proctor, LGC ASSURE’s Senior Vice President, said: “By bringing our capabilities together under the LGC ASSURE umbrella we’re connecting the dots of supply chain assurance.

We can now offer a suite of solutions that intelligently analyse the safety, quality and authenticity of goods and services, and we can do that through the lenses of human health, environmental impact, and ethical standards.

By collecting and analysing data in this connected way we can give customers the visibility and insights they need to keep consumers safe and protect brand reputation.”

Jon Yeung, Managing Director of LGC Standards commented: “LGC ASSURE represents a wealth of expertise now connected up to provide additional value to our customers.

With such strong market drivers pushing the limits of product integrity, our renewed focus on assurance is a critical part of LGC’s vision of science for a safer world”

LGC ASSURE helps customers to:

  • Test and validate systems
  • Verify product performance and integrity
  • Manage processes efficiently and effectively
  • Collect and analyze data to predict future risk

The result is complete supply chain confidence.

What does this mean for me as a Safefood 360° customer?

There is no change to everyday use of the platform by this announcement and our users can continue to use Safefood 360° in the way they are accustomed to.

The only change is now that we have the means and additional resources to support our customers with a host of new service offerings outside of Safefood 360° software solutions for greater supply chain assurance.

Contact us today to see what Safefood 360° and the wider LGC Assure suite of solutions can do for your brand and compliance requirements.

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