Safefood 360 Customer Story – Iman Casing

In March 2012 Iman Casing opened its doors to Safefood 360′s digital media crew to film the production of pure natural sausage casing. This short video provides fascinating insight into the manufacturing process and shows how three Syrian brothers have built Iman to be the premier casing supplier in Europe from their base on the west coast of Ireland.

Unlike artificial sausage casing, natural casings are derived from the intestinal tract of farmed animals and are primarily used in organic sausage production. Traditionally the intestines of pigs, sheep, goats and cattle were flushed, scraped and cleaned by hand. More recently, newer machinery has been used for large scale production enabling sausage producers to achieve scales of efficiencies in their processing plants. Processors of natural casings have developed long-stranded casings with uniformity and strength to support this new technology, as well as new tubing (Shirring) systems that speed up the stuffing process. This has revolutionized the sausage manufacturing world and kept natural casings preferred by many manufacturers and consumers.