HACCP module will be renamed to Food Safety Plan

New requirements from legislation (e.g. FSMA) and threats in recent years have meant there has been a steady proliferation of risk assessment and management systems that food businesses have been required to implement.

Systems such as HACCP, TACCP, HARPC and VA to name a few, are now a standard requirement for most companies. While these systems all have their own particular focus they share a common methodology in terms of identifying specific hazards, risk assessing them and developing appropriate control to mitigate the risks.

Towards a general Risk Assessment module

Safefood 360°’s HACCP module is a fantastic tool for developing a food safety plan based on the common principles of hazard identification, risk assessment, and control planning. However, by its very nature it is not just for HACCP. It also serves as a solution for other emerging risk management models such as HARPC plans or conducting a VA.

This all means that in order to keep pace with the changing nature and demands of risk assessment we will shortly be making some minor but very worthwhile changes to the HACCP module.

Why Food Safety Plan?

The first thing you will notice is that instead of using the term ‘HACCP’ we will be switching to the more commonly used ‘Food Safety Plan’. Various global standards such as the BRC have already been using this generic term for some time. We will also be changing the name of the HACCP Center which will more accurately reflect the current and future scope of the Center.

To reflect the industry change away from HACCP as the sole risk management framework, we are renaming “HACCP” center as “Risk” while “HACCP” module will be renamed “Food Safety Plan”. This change does not impact your current HACCP and HARPC plans.

Please note that this will not, in any way, affect your existing plans. This change is merely only in titling and labelling. It means that you will be able to use it for HACCP, HARPC, and any other risk based study without confusing your users or auditors.

You can rename your plan to reflect whichever Risk Assessment model you prefer such as HACCP, HARPC, or VA.

The users in your system will retain the freedom to name their food safety plans using any description they wish (such as HACCP or HARPC), followed by the specific title of the product or process, to support any focus they wish to maintain.

What should I do?

Ensure that your staff are aware of this change in case you have any upcoming audits to avoid confusion. If you want you can rename your existent HACCP plans to reflect the change. Other than that this change is entirely on our side and there is nothing you have to do to prepare.

Ensure that your staff are aware of this change in case you have any upcoming audits to avoid confusion

We hope that our reason for doing this is clear. Safefood 360°’s intent is to provide you with a robust risk assessment and management module that can be used for various requirements, while reflecting the developing needs of food businesses in the area of risk. We trust that like us, you will find these minor changes to be a major improvement.

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  1. Phil Crisler
    Phil Crisler says:

    Great idea and like you said, it puts everyone in line with most regulatory bodies (FSMA in my case). Looking forward to working with the renamed module, and any enhancements 360 makes around Risk Assessment activities.

    Thank You,
    Phil in Orlando :-)

    • Admin
      Admin says:

      Yes, we are also really excited about this change because it opens up the possibility for building any kind of risk management plans through one, simple framework. At least as far as I’m aware it’s the only software in the world that does that.

  2. Jean Blaise Kinito
    Jean Blaise Kinito says:

    Great idea. The most common aim is provide safe to the end consumer and use the most simplistic wording to achieve the aspirations originally formulated onto individual risk management process taken when designing our Food Safety Plan or HACCP plan. Moreover Food Safety Plan sounds perfect to me.

    • Admin
      Admin says:

      Thanks Jean! We think that too – it’s a simple change, but allows us to build any kinds of plans regardless of the framework you need to follow. Simple and effective.

  3. val
    val says:

    Thanks for making my wish come true!!! This is cutting edge and will make my life so much easier!!!!!!

    • Admin
      Admin says:

      Thanks Val! We’re really excited about this change too, because it really expands what is now possible with our software without making it more complex in any way.


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