Meet Stam & Ajay – Safefood 360˚ Australia

Firstly, allow me to get the formalities out of the way. It is with immeasurable pleasure that I announce the launch of Safefood 360 Australia – our first overseas office. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our new team members Stam Levenderis and Dr. Ajay Shah who are now heading up operations down under.

For Safefood 360 this represents an exciting and important development. When we founded the company three years ago we were aware our product would have global appeal given food safety management requirements are similar from one country (and indeed continent) to another. Within weeks of introducing Safefood 360 to the Australian Market, Stam and Ajay have secured customers and significant enquiry from food businesses across the Country.

Those in the Northern hemisphere may not be fully aware of Australia’s significant contribution to the development of food safety management globally. For example the SQF Code had its birth place in Australia before finding its existing home in the USA (Sorry guys but you let that one get away!). Food Standards ANZ has been a first stop resource for quality information including hazard and pathogen data. More recently the work of the Allergen Bureau and their excellent risk assessment tools has made the lives of many food safety specialists easier.

For these reasons we are delighted our first overseas office is in Australia and leading the charge are two individuals who have gained the respect and trust of their peers and food businesses locally. Stam and Ajay’s professionalism, domain knowledge and significant business expertise are an essential element in ensuring the Australian food industry benefits from the Safefood 360 platform and our world class support team.


Stam Levenderis holds a Bachelor degree and his experience and expertise are in the development and implementation of HACCP & quality programs; development and delivery of food industry training programs; compliance auditing and requirements for food legislation.


Dr Ajay Shah has a BSc (Hons) degree in Biology and Chemistry, MSc Food Science degree and a PhD degree in Food Technology, all from the UK. His expertise is in food safety and quality assurance in food process operations, compliance auditing and requirements for food legislation. He is often invited to speak at forums and seminars and frequently lectures at Universities.



Both and Stam and Ajay have collaborated closely over the years on various business and public initiatives and are now bringing their collective experience and knowledge to the development of the Safefood 360 platform.

Finally I am personally looking forward to working with the guys and the many Australian food companies who will be using our software in the months and years to come. Stam and Ajay coupled with the Safefood 360 platform will no doubt make for a compelling solution for many of the food safety management challenges faced daily by food companies.