Announcing Safefood 360° RISK: A new era in risk data tools and horizon scanning

We are excited to announce the launch of the first in a series of new risk data tools which we will be rolling out in the coming months and will change how food businesses interact with data.

Safefood 360° (SF360°) Risk is an entry-level, line-of-sight risk data tool that uses Big Data sources to provide a clear measure of risk in the supply chain, scan for potential risk trends, and provide valuable input into the development of local HACCP plans.

This new solution is completely standalone and can be used independently or in addition to our core solutions for Food Safety and Supplier Quality Management.

SF360 Risk° is designed for risk assessors, auditors, and retailers who wish to conduct more robust risk assessments based on reliable big data sources.

It provides these practitioners with accessible and reliable data tools that support risk assessments and decision-making.

It contains three easy to use, yet powerful tools:

RASFF Risk Report – provides a detailed analysis of notifications based on the user’s query covering product, hazard, country of origin and distribution

RASFF Trend Report – Our Trend Identification shows you the latest emerging trends from notifications posted to the European Commission’s RASFF Portal with all notifications from the last 90 days queried hourly and available for on-demand analysis.

Risk Scanner Report – Risk Scanner combines the percentile risk measures from the EU RASFF and World Bank to provide a blended measure of risk covering food safety and governance indicators.

This is a tool that has been designed to reflect the reality that most food businesses cannot make the leap from qualitative risk assessments to machine learning and predictive analytics overnight.

Safefood 360 RISK° is the first step to realizing the full value of big data

Central to the development of this tool is an acknowledgment that the preparedness of a business is an important factor in realizing the full value of big data.

SF360° RISK is the first step in this journey.

What Do We Mean by Line of Sight?

Line-of-sight means that SF360° RISK connects the local practitioner directly with big data by allowing relevant questions to be asked and providing clear and easily understood answers to questions including:

  • What are the main hazards associated with a specific food product I am purchasing from a supplier?
  • Which countries are generating the most notifications for the products I am purchasing?
  • What are the major microbial pathogens associated with the products I purchase?
  • Which hazard should I include in my HACCP or PCP study?
  • Are there any recent or emerging risks in the market that I should be aware of and review in the context of my HACCP / PCP studies?

These and many more questions can now be answered quickly and intuitively without any

What do We Mean by Entry-Level?

Using EU RASFF data, the tool is entry-level because you can be up and running within minutes of creating your account.

All assessments, reports, and analysis can be conducted quickly and intuitively with no steep learning curve.

Fully functional within minutes of creating your account

Our data science team has worked carefully together with our food safety experts to ensure that users will immediately identify with the tool and get answers to their risk assessment questions quickly.

As you can use the tool out-of-the-box and in real-time, it is designed to serve as an entry-point to getting businesses on the road to using big data sets and complex analysis.

More Than Just Food Safety Data

The tool also uses data from the World Bank database of Governance Indicators.

This provides a clear measure of relative risk for the rule of law, corruption, governance, and political stability in the country of origin of your purchased products.

This can then be combined with the relative measure of food safety risk to give a blended measure of risk for entities in your supply chain.

SF360 Risk° is the first in a series of new tools and will be followed soon with FDA Monitor and SF360° Predict.

We look forward to speaking with you and finding out how these tools can provide you real value and support your journey to using more data and analytical tools.

How to buy

Simply contact us and tell us you would like to use the tool, and you will be live on the system within minutes of creating your account.

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